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News and introduction to DBC


Introduction to DBC

About DBC_Sæt viden fri

DBC is a public company, owned by Local Government Denmark. DBC’s main task is to develop and maintain the bibliographic and IT infrastructure in the Danish libraries:

  • By taking care of registration of books, music, AV materials, Internet documents, articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines in the National Bibliography.
  • By developing and maintaining the union catalogue of the Danish libraries and the infrastructure for the interlibrary loan. It comprises the national bibliography and the holdings of the libraries.
  • By developing and maintaining, which is the citizen’s access to all Danish publications and to the holdings of the Danish libraries.

DBC’s IT development is based on open source and service oriented architecture, following the recommendations of The National IT and the Danish Agency for Digitisation for public institutions.

Innovation in communities

The development of DBC’s solutions results in several services. The code of these services are returned to the TING Concept Community, an open source development community for libraries and library suppliers for reuse and further development.

Therefore DBC can deliver services to other players who wants to supplement and enrich their products. Among them are ILS companies that find it relevant to reuse the services in local solutions.

DBC participates in development communities with Danish and international libraries and other partners in order to develop our competencies. DBC’s main partner is TING Concept Community.

DBC is a guarantee for high quality in the public service solutions for libraries and the goal for DBC’s solutions is to contribute to efficiency and productivity in libraries.

We are a public limited company with a total of 149 employees.


DBC is owned by the Danish municipalities through KL - Local Government Denmark.

2020 DKK in million
Turnover 163
Share capital 2,4
Equity 30,7


Tempovej 7-11, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Tel. +45 4486 7777
CVR no.: 15149043

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