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DanBib is a joint catalogue and IT infrastructure for Denmark’s libraries.

The DanBib base contains the Danish National Bibliography and the holdings of all state research libraries and public libraries.

DanBib is made available as a basic service that can be supplemented with a number of other databases and services. The DanBib system also includes joint functions relating to inter-library loans, the reuse of bibliographic data, verification and redirection to relevant foreign databases.

The use of shared technical and bibliographic standards binds DanBib and libraries’ local systems together.

Data suppliers

The DanBib base consists of material from the following sources:


  • Danish research libraries
  • Danish public libraries
  • Danish National Bibliographic records from DBC
  • NOSP (Nordic Joint Catalogue of Periodicals) – Periodical holdings from the libraries of other Nordic countries
  • ISSN Register – International register of periodicals
  • British National Bibliography 1981 ff.
  • Library of Congress, cataloguings 1981 ff.

    Data model

    The data model in the DanBib base builds on the principle of "One title, one item". Ideally this means that for every version of an item there should only be one hit for a DanBib search no matter how many times the item has been catalogued. Efforts are made to ensure that every item entered in DanBib is matched with existing items.

    Right to use DanBib data – Agreements

    The DanBib system receives bibliographic items (including locations and holdings) in standardised form from all special libraries and research libraries, etc. As far as public libraries are concerned, items or locations are received from the majority of libraries.

    The data are used for inter-library loans (request system, BOB, local ILL modules).

    The data are also used for cataloguing cooperation between all Danish libraries, i.e. primarily for copying for own use in the library’s catalogue.

    DBC supplies DanBib data for other library-related purposes, e.g. periodical stock data is supplied to OCLC and NOSP – Nordic Joint Catalogue of Periodicals.

    An identical copy of the items DBC has received from libraries is not saved on the DanBib system. This means that DanBib cannot function as a library’s backup. Many libraries avail themselves of the opportunity to obtain a copy of their items as they appear on DanBib, however.

    DBC is entitled to use data entered in accordance with these guidelines free of charge in any way, including making entered data available to parties other than the data supplier.

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