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Introduction to our partnerships.


Our mission is to maintain and develop the bibliographic and technological infrastructure for Danish libraries.

We make a serious effort in making the infrastructure as efficient and effective as possible and to ensure a quality which contributes professionaly and technologically to the development of the libraries.

A substantial import to develop such a quality is achieved through development in partnership, with relevant Danish and international partners among others, which can contribute with their competencies and technological know-how.

We also cooperate with relevant Danish and international companies, when they demand for services within our existing product portfolio in order to supplement their products.


DBC has been partners with The Danish Film Institute for many years. Together with Norgesfilm, a Norwegian technological platform supplier, DBC have constructed the bibliographic and technological infrastructure for presentation of streaming documentaries and short films from The Danish Film Institute together with feature films from other suppliers. The target groups are libraries, schools and other public institutions.

Index Data, a Danish American IT Company focusing on search technologies, has been our strategic partner and sub-supplier for many years. For the past year we have established a strategic cooperation on ‘universal search’.

Inlead is a digital communication company, selling solutions to archives, libraries and museums. Inlead is for the moment the biggest supplier of discovery systems in Denmark, and their goal is to expand to the Northern countries. Inlead wants a sub-supplier’s cooperation with DBC, supplementing their products with selected webservices from DBC.