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The DBC Master's Thesis Prize

The DBC Master's Thesis Prize

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Winner of the DBC Master's Thesis Prize 2017

Lasse Drustrup Christensen and Lukas Nic Dalgaard for their thesis 'Beyond Individual Recommendation – Aggregation Methods for Group Based Recommender Systems'.

DBC Specialeprisen 2017 Lasse Drustrup Christensen og Lukas Nic Dalgaard

About the DBC Master's Thesis Prize

The annual DBC Master's Thesis Prize of DKK 25,000 is given for the best Master's thesis of relevance to DBC and the Danish library infrastructure.

The winner will be announced no later than January 2018. If the submitted theses do not meet our expectations regarding relevance/quality DBC does not feel obliged to award the prize.

If you have any questions, please contact communication officer Camilla Bødker Thomsen at

About DBC (Danish Bibliographic Centre)

DBC operates and develops the bibliographical and system-related infrastructure for libraries in Denmark. The infrastructure forms the key basis for public library interfaces and the newly introduced Joint Library System, which supports the libraries’ handling of materials, users and administrative processes:

  • Danish National Data Repository: contains bibliographic records from the Danish libraries as well as metadata from electronic resources in order to enable the library user to conduct integrated search in both the library’s own collection of materials and in the e-resources licensed by the library. A number of webservices are part of the repository complex.
  • Danbib: the professional library staff’s common database and infrastructure containing the Danish National Bibliography and material holdings of all public and academic libraries. Danbib is being migrated into the National Data Repository.
  • a database in the National Data Repository and a portal where citizens can find and order materials from all libraries in Denmark.
  • Filmstriben: the public libraries’ common T-VOD film service providing feature films, short films and documentaries through remote access.
  • Bibliographic registration: we produce The Danish National Bibliography that lists all books, film, music etc. published in Denmark. In addition, we provide materials of special relevance to public and school libraries with further metadata especially for library use.

DBC is a public limited company with around 150 employees, primarily librarians, information specialists and IT employees (data scientists etc.). Our development is agile, in open source and service-oriented architecture. Among other things, we are working on developing data science based recommender systems, and since 2016, we have been focusing on user-driven innovation.

Winner 2016

Jakob Rindum Danelund, University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology for the thesis 'Towards an IT Psychology'.

Jakob Rindum Danelund

Jakob Rindum Danelund - winner of the 2016 DBC Master's Thesis Prize. Photo: Poul Bergstrøm Hansen.

Winner 2015

The first to recieve the prize was Oline Møller-Thomsen from the IT University of Copenhagen for the thesis 'From access to accessibility'.

Vinder af DBC Specialeprisen 2015

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