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The DBC Prize - Information Science

DBC Prize Information Science

In Danish

This prize is relevant for students from Information Science and Cultural Communication

DBC wishes to promote the interest in information science and IT that help making science and culture available.

Once a year we reward a master’s thesis which has received the grade 12 (A) and which produces new knowledge about search functionality, user behaviour, information management, information architecture, metadata, bibliographic development or related areas. The prize is at the sum of DKK 25,000.

Submission takes place through 'Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi' (Information Science and Cultural Communication).

Winner of 2017

Mathias Lyngs DBC-prisen Informationsvidenskab 2017

Mathias Mouritsen Lyngs for the thesis Audience in Focos - Towards an enriching and involving audience development.

Winner of 2016

Ida Jensen Vinder af DBC-prisen Informationsvidenskab 2016

Ida Jensen - Read more about The DBC Prize - Information Science 2016 (in Danish)

Winner of 2015

DBC-pris Informationsvidenskab 2015

Kjartan Holm Trætteberg - Read more about The DBC Prize - Information Science 2015 (in Danish).